THAT Grow Cannabis Cultivation

THAT Grow Cannabis Cultivation

THAT Grow Cannabis Cultivation THAT Grow Cannabis Cultivation

About THAT Grow

Eli THAT Grow Guy

Chief Cultivator- Eli McLean 

Eli is a masterful gardener and is truly passionate about the cannabis plant and it's potential. With 25 years of cannabis cultivation experience in both indoor and outdoor environments, he has focused his career on producing the highest quality flower. Through the years he has designed and built many cannabis grows, varying in size from personal home gardens to the largest commercial square footage allowed. 

He started THAT Grow a cannabis cultivation consulting company to be a hands on marijuana growers guide.  He has been sought after for his ability to facilitate and project manage a commercial grow  from the initial phases to harvest. 

Executive Director- Sarah McLean

With a background in business, she  brings a professional approach to the cannabis industry. She specializes in technical writing for license applications and operation plans for cultivation facilities. She works with  Eli and the cultivation teams to produce successful business, cultivation and operation plans. 

Sarah also stays abreast on state and federal cannabis laws. This emerging market is constantly changing and it is important to understand how different states operate within the legal parameters.  

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